Our Commitment

We believe orthodontics is the ultimate preventive dental procedure!

It's more than a service; it's an investment in the future. Orthodontic treatment decreases the amount of dentistry you will need in the future. There are priceless benefits, too! During the orthodontic process, the smile you see in the mirror will gradually improve. This outside change is evidence of positive change happening on the inside.

We believe our No. 1 priority is our patients. This attitude is reflected in everything we do, from the design of our office to our computerized appointment system to our orthodontic appliance policy. Dr. Brian personally handles every adjustment for every patient. In addition to quality care, we try to provide the most positive experience possible through our rewards programs and ongoing contests. This is what helps us give you the finest orthodontic treatment in San Jose. We work hard to give you a healthy and beautiful smile.

We believe that the best care is specialized, comprehensive, and up-to-date. So our staff includes specialists in appliance fabrication, insurance, appointment scheduling, oral hygiene instruction, and more. We also offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment on-site, with an in-house fabrication lab and even a tooth brushing station. At Steinhoff Orthodontics, it's important to keep up-to-date in our field as well, so our staff participates in continual advanced education programs.

Why We Are Unique

  • An established family owned office first opened in 1975 (Dr. Earl Steinhoff) with a second-generation orthodontist (Dr. Brian Steinhoff) joining in 2003. We have perfected thousands of smiles!
  • iTero® Scanner replaces or reduces the need for impressions of the teeth or jaws. This allows the office to obtain a more accurate copy of the teeth/jaws to allow better fitting appliances without the uncomfortable gagging feeling from impressions.
  • A 3D printer enables us the ability to print models and fabricate appliances from them, thus ensuring the best fitting appliances.
  • 3Shape Orthodontic Software to improve the accuracy of the placement of braces, resulting in shorter treatment time and less adjustment appointments.
  • Newest treatment modalities including TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices), self-ligating clear braces (low friction with less staining), and Invisalign® clear aligners.
  • Proseal Orthodontic Sealant is placed on all patients with braces to help ensure the health of the teeth during braces treatment. This sealant protects the teeth by releases fluoride on the surface of the teeth to strengthen the enamel and reduce the possibility of a white spot.
  • Latest advancements in technology with all computerized charting, models, and X-ray storage (virtual paperless office).
  • Onsite X-ray equipment eliminates the need to take the time to go to outside labs to get X-rays or other records taken, thus saving your time.
  • Digital panorex and cephalometric X-ray equipment provides one fifth of radiation exposure compared to regular X-rays. No X-ray development solution means a greener office!
  • Automated appointment reminders by telephone, E-mail, or text.
  • State-of-the-art sterilization techniques in our office.
  • In-house orthodontic fabrication laboratory for quality appliances with no delays
  • Friendly and proficient staff members- all clinical assistants are R.D.A. (Registered Dental Assistants)
  • Doctors and staff regularly attend continuing education seminars to update their clinical skills and advance their academic knowledge
  • Convenient no-interest payment plans available
  • Contests, drawings, and “Orthobucks” offer fun activities and prizes for our patients
  • Chairside entertainment and a Wii by the on-deck seating for our patients’ enjoyment, as well as movies playing in the reception room.

Dr. Brian Steinhoff, a board-certified orthodontist, is dedicated to excellence in orthodontics and it shows in all we do. So brace yourself for a beautiful smile!

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