Before and Afters


Upper Teeth Protrusion / "Buck Teeth" / Class II

The upper front teeth are too far forward compared to the lower teeth.

ABCenterInitial.jpg ABCenterFinal.jpg

ABOverjetInitial.jpg ABOverjetFinal.jpg

JSIntraoralInitial.jpg JSIntraoralFinal.jpg

Underbite / Class III / Anterior Crossbite

The upper front teeth bite inside the lower teeth.

JPCenterInitial.jpg JPCenterFinal.jpg

APIntraoralInitial.jpg APIntraoralFinal.jpg

Overlapping of Teeth / Crowding

There is not enough room available in the jawbone to have the teeth evenly positioned.


ANIntraoralInitial.jpg ANIntraoralFinal.jpg

Gapping between Teeth / Spacing

There are spaces between the sides of the teeth.

ACIntraoralInitial.jpg ACIntraoralFinal.jpg


Crossbite of Back Teeth / Posterior Crossbite

The upper back teeth fit on the inside of the lower back teeth.


AB2IntraoralInitial.jpg AB2IntraoralFinal.jpg

AGCenterInitial.jpg AGCenterFinal.jpg

Open Bite

The upper front teeth do not cover the bottom front teeth.

JLCenterInitial.jpg JLCenterFinal.jpg

LHIntraoralInitial.jpg LHIntraoralFinal.jpg

Deep Bite / Overbite

The upper front teeth cover the bottom teeth too much.

KAIntraoralInitial.jpg KAIntraoralFinal.jpg

MSIntraoralInitial.jpg MSIntraoralFinal.jpg

Midline Shift

The middles of the upper and lower front teeth do not line up when the teeth are biting together.

RNCenterInitial.jpg RNCenterFinal.jpg

GBIntraoralInitial.jpg GBIntraoralFinal.jpg