“Both Dr. Earl and Brian Steinhoff have provided our family with excellent care, working with our four children by creating individual programs for each of their orthodontic needs. The doctors and nurses are thorough and meticulous in their procedures and have already given two of our children beautiful and healthy teeth. The office staff is wonderful. They are friendly and professional and have always been accommodating, easy to work with and genuinely compassionate. We so appreciate being a part of the Steinhoff team and are very grateful that we chose them to help our children.”
– Amy

“Our son, Eric, had his braces removed last week and we are thrilled with the results! His teeth are straight and his smile is gorgeous. What sets Dr. Brian and Dr. Earl Steinhoffs' practice apart from others isn't just the results, it is the whole process of getting to that point. We have always been greeted with a warm welcome and a smile by everyone in the office. Scheduling (and rescheduling) is handled both patiently and swiftly by the front desk staff, and appointments start and finish on time. Our concerns during this process, such as discomfort after an adjustment, have always been addressed promptly and with kindness and consideration.”
– Rosemary & Steve

"In search for an ortho, my sister gave me Dr. Steinhoff‘s phone number because he had done a great job for her friend’s son. I went for my free consultation and had the x-rays done. Then, Dr. Earl showed me the x-rays and explained very well the treatment plan. I knew that I had a lot of work to do on my teeth and that he was the right professional. Dr. Earl impressed me by his knowledge, courtesy, and humor. Yes…it really made the difference!! I finally started my treatment with Dr. Brian (the son) who is also very knowledgeable and friendly. First day of treatment…I wanted to give up because of the pain…thanks to his staff that very tactfully talked to me on the phone (also on a couple of different occasions) and comforted me. After this, it was a “piece of cake”. I really went through a lot of work and pain, but knowing that I had all the support that I needed made it easy and even fun. I’m almost done with treatment and I’m still very impressed….we (in my opinion, ortho treatment is a professional-patient work done together) receive a lot of compliments from other professionals in the dental field. I have so much to say about this great team of dedicated professionals and friends…I could go on and on. Thank you very much Dr. Earl, Dr. Brian, and staff. I really appreciate very much all your efforts and hard work.

P.S.: My husband and I are very thankful for your kindness and understanding of our needs around our wedding day."
– Graziella

“There is a reason Steinhoff Orthodontics is not only the best place for all three Brown Family children to care for all of their orthodontic needs, but is the favorite of all Almaden kids and families.

I currently have one 17 year old who was very compliant with his treatments and now only wears a retainer, a 14 year old who was a challenge to have followup with his care, and a 9 year old who has some anxieties about her treatment.

Both Dr. Earl Steinhoff, Dr. Brian Steinhoff and an absolutely 100% always warm, attentive, and highly professional office staff made each of my children and my husband and I feel very confident in our care.

Since I have been pediatric nurse at Stanford for the last 20 years, I find myself to be an honest critic of patient care, customer service, and age appropriate care of children and the needs of their families. I have found in every instance that Steinhoff Orthodontics has exceeded my expectations.

I have changed and added insurances three times without any difficulties in billing. Sandy and Nancy were there to make it very effortless, always keeping us up to date on what my quote and payments were through each phase of the care the kids received.

Margie is the "face" of the front office and is ever kind and patient in finding the most convenient appointments scheduled around 3 kids' crazy schedules, and our own work schedules.

Both doctors and the lovely and gentle Registered Dental Assistants Brittani, Peggy, Sushma, Jeanette, Dawn, and Tiean, made my children feel welcome, less anxious, and were very informative about telling us what was done at each visit, and educating us all on how to care for their teeth.

My oldest sons' once extremely bucked teeth are now on a perfect white row, my middle son has almost completed his treatment, thanks to the efforts of the whole office, and my youngest daughter is almost to the middle of her phases of treatment and goes to the office with confidence. All will end up with beautiful smiles and actual find memories of their experiences at Steinhoff Orthodontics.”

– Paige

“The experience my daughter Hannah has had at the orthodontics office of Brian and Earl Steinhoff has been very professional and wonderful. Our scheduled appointments have always been on time, our interaction with the orthodontists and their assistants have been very pleasant and always informative. Our emergency visits have also been very timely and the front office staff is simply wonderful. I would and have recommended this office to many friends.”
– Kimberly

“We have been coming to Dr. Steinhoff's office since 1996. All 3 of my children have needed braces. Dr. Earl Steinhoff, his son Dr. Brian Steinhoff, and the staff always make sure that my husband and I are kept informed of what steps are being taken to correct our children's orthodontic problems. I have always felt very comfortable calling Dr. Steinhoff’s office whenever I have had a question. Dr. Earl and Dr. Brian spend a great deal of time answering questions and explaining the procedures. Whenever we have gone in for an appointment, one of the staff will come out to the waiting room to explain what was done that day and to answer any questions. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Sandy and Nancy, who deal with billing, are always available to explain any billing or insurance questions.

Two of my children needed to have an implant because they were both missing an adult tooth. Getting an implant involved coordinating appointments with the surgeon, family dentist, and Dr. Steinhoff's office. Both of my children were away at college when we decided to have this procedure done. Margie did everything she could to accommodate my children's busy schedules. If I was unsure of what the next step was in the process, she would contact the surgeon or the dentist, and then get back to me. She made sure that I always knew what was happening.

My youngest son had a problem with a wire on a day when the office was closed near the holidays. I called and Dr. Brian said he would be more than happy to meet us at the office. Everyone who works at this office goes out of their way to make sure this is a positive experience for all who are involved.

It is important to me that I have an orthodontist who is available to answer my questions and who will keep me informed of my children’s orthodontic needs. I have always felt that everyone at this office goes way out of their way to make sure that this is a positive experience. ”
– Cathy